Pune: Restaurant Staff Deflates Senior Citizen’s Car Tyre At Balewadi High Street, Case Filed

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Pune, 7th September 2023: In an alarming incident that took place on September 3, a senior citizen from Bavdhan found herself embroiled in a distressing ordeal outside a restaurant situated in the Balewadi locality. Preferring to remain anonymous, the victim has courageously come forward to shed light on the incident that has since sparked a legal investigation.

On that fateful day, the senior citizen, accompanied by two companions, made her way to the bustling Balewadi High Street. Parking her vehicle conveniently along the street, she inadvertently became a part of an unfolding drama outside the establishment known as ‘Two Sticks.’ To her astonishment, the restaurant’s proprietor approached them and insisted that they relocate their parked car.

In a plea grounded in logic, the trio pointed out the conspicuous absence of any ‘no parking’ sign or reserved parking indication for the restaurant’s patrons. However, the restaurateur remained adamant and resolute in his stance. Meanwhile, a member of the restaurant’s staff hastily took matters into their own hands by initiating the deflation of the front tyre of the senior citizen’s car.

Displaying a concerning disregard for civility, this individual went further, issuing a chilling ultimatum. The senior citizen and her companions were threatened with a sinister promise: should they choose to leave the vehicle in its current position, the perpetrator vowed to deflate all four tyres. Faced with such a brazen act of intimidation, the senior citizen made the decision to relocate her car to a different spot, avoiding further confrontation.

Following this distressing encounter, the Bavdhan resident demonstrated great resolve and promptly filed a complaint with police.


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