Pune: Rules for ‘Ashadhi’ Wari Announced; 100 Warakari Allowed For Dehu And Alandi Departure Ceremony

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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, 15th June 2021: This year for the Ashadhi Wari ceremony only ten prestigious Palkhi ceremonies are given permission. The Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation Department of Maharashtra Government has clarified that this year 100 Warakari will be able to participate in the departure ceremony for Dehu and Alandi and 100 Warakari for the remaining eight ceremonies. Rules regarding Ashadi Wari at Pandharpur have been announced in this regard.

While organizing this year’s Ashadi Wari, the Department has stated in the schedule that the instructions issued by the Central and State Governments from time to time for the prevention of Covid-19 should be strictly followed. After reaching Wakhri by a special vehicle from the place of departure, they walk to Pandharpur on foot, 1.5 km away. The distance is allowed to be traversed in a representative manner.

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All the palanquin ceremonies are allowed to arrive in Pandharpur on the tenth day and depart on the day of Poornima. Government Mahapuja and visit for the worship of Vitthal was approved last year. Darshan will be closed for devotees during the Ashadi Yatra period by continuing the ritual of worshipping god ‘Shree’. In the procession of Shri Vitthal’s Padukas 2 + 2 totals, four persons are allowed to be present and celebrate it simply in presence of 1-15 persons.

A total of five persons, including Deglukar Maharaj and four others, have been allowed to undergo a medical examination. Along with HBP Amalnerkar and HBP Kukurmundekar Maharaj, two persons each are being allowed subject to a medical examination.

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Only 1 + 10 persons are allowed to celebrate Mahadwar Kala Utsav and Shri. Sant Namdev Maharaj Samadhi Sohala with following social distancing and all Covid-19 safety measures. For the Ekadashi day chariot festival, instead of a chariot, a separate vehicle of the temple has been allowed to celebrate the festival with 10 dignitaries and five employees of the temple committee, including 15 persons, keeping a social distance and taking due care.

As per the criteria of the number of Warakari, 40 Warakari have been allowed to visit the paduka of saints and for the palanquin of honour. This year 40 numbers have been fixed in two buses and 20 in each bus. 1 + 10 people are allowed for Gopalkala, Bhajan and Kirtan at Gopalpur for the prestigious Palkhi ceremony.

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This year 2 persons have been allowed for offerings of saints and padukas from Dashmi to Poornima for 6 days. On Ashadi Ekadashi day, on 20th July 2021, 195 local congregations have been allowed to pay obeisance to Shri Vitthal Rukmini Mata. The temple committee has to take action to give them time and admission cards in this regard.

At the same time, the status quo regarding the opening of the temple will remain the same as last year. The Department has said that if there is any issue left in the planning for the event, the same decision should be taken this year as it was taken last year.

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