Pune: Sant Tukaram Maharaj’s Palkhi Procession Enchants Pimpri-Chinchwad with Devotion and Unity

Pune: Sant Tukaram Maharaj's Palkhi Procession Enchants Pimpri-Chinchwad with Devotion and Unity
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Tejas Navale

Pimpri-Chinchwad, 11th June 2023: Pimpri-Chinchwad witnessed a grand display of devotion today as the revered Palkhi (palanquin) carrying the divine essence of Sant Tukaram Maharaj embarked on its spiritual journey on its second day from Dehugaon. The revered palanquin procession, accompanied by faithful devotees from various walks of life, made its way through the city streets, spreading joy and faith along its path.


The procession, which began yesterday, embarked on its journey towards Pandharpur, carrying forward the spirit of devotion and spirituality. The Palkhi, a beautifully decorated palanquin carrying the sacred paduka (footprints) of revered saints, moved gracefully amidst a sea of devotees, creating a captivating spectacle that merged tradition, faith, and unity. Today, after a day of walking, the palkhi procession will stay at the Vitthal-Rukhmini Temple of Akurdi.


Devotees from all walks of life gathered on the streets of the city, chanting the name of God. A number of men, women, and children came here to take the blessings and showcase their deep faith in the age-old tradition. The palkhi procession was accompanied by the sounds oftaal, mridanga, and cymbals, along with bhajans sung by devotees, to create an ethereal atmosphere.


Administrative staff, doctors, cleaning staff, and volunteers are working tirelessly throughout the entire day to ensure the smooth progression of Palkhi by managing crowds and providing essential amenities to the devotees. Five police constables were on duty at every corner or chowk throughout the day and night, along with one police inspector, to handle the crowd and avoid any law and order situation. Similarly, the team of doctors is also walking with the devotees to ensure quick primary aid in case any health emergency occurs.


Witnessing the thrill of a procession and enjoying its ambiance is a dream come true for many. “Taking part in the Palkhi procession is a surreal experience that fills my heart with joy.” I had longed to see the “Vaari Yatra” for many years, but Maharaj (Sant Tukaram Maharaj) finally called me this year. I wanted to go, but the last three or four years have been filled with uncertainty owing to the pandemic, so I missed out. But, in the end, I’m quite delighted to be here,” Nachiket More (26), stated.


“Previously, my father used to take part in the procession, but they died in the pandemic.” Following that, I resolved to continue on their legace. This is my second visit, and like any devotee, I am simply relieved to be at the feet of Tukaram maharaj,” said Naresh Shelke (41), a devotee from Satara.