Pune: Sassoon Hospital To Resume Operations Online With Healthcare Management Information System

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Pune, 4th December 2023: After a hiatus of one and a half years, the ‘Healthcare Management Information System’ (HMIS) at Sassoon General Hospital is set to be reactivated. This development will enable doctors and staff to seamlessly register patients’ information online through the ‘HMIS’ system, eliminating the need for manual documentation. Consequently, Sassoon Hospital’s administration will transition back to an online mode after an extended offline period.

Dinesh Waghmare, Secretary of the Department of Medical Education, stated that efforts are underway to reintroduce the ‘HMIS’ system in all government medical colleges in the state by the end of this month. The updated system promises enhanced functionality compared to its predecessor.

Previously, the ‘HMIS’ system played a crucial role in managing the operations of hospitals affiliated with Government Medical Colleges in the state. However, in July 2022, the Medical Education Department abruptly decided to suspend the system, impacting hospitals statewide. Now, after a year and a half, the state government has decided to reinstate the ‘HMIS’ system across all hospitals, facilitated by Sassoon Hospital’s affiliation with B. J. Government Medical College.

The shutdown of the ‘HMIS’ system forced doctors and staff to manually document extensive information, including patient case papers, treatments, and discharge details. This manual process contributed to delays in patient care and logistical challenges as patients had to move examination reports between departments. The reopening of the ‘HMIS’ system addresses these issues, allowing for efficient and paperless information management in hospitals.


The Medical Education Department emphasizes that the reintroduction of the ‘HMIS’ system will significantly reduce the reliance on physical files and paperwork in healthcare facilities.

Key features of the ‘HMIS’ system include:

– Online patient registration with a unique identification number.
– Digital recording of medicines and treatments administered.
– Instant access to comprehensive patient history with a single click.