Pune: Sassoon Hospital’s Outreach Initiative in Baramati Brings Relief through Free Surgeries

sassoon hospital Dr ameya thakur
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Pune, 4th November 2023: Sassoon Hospital in Pune, a cornerstone of the city’s health sector, continues to serve over 200 patients daily, providing not only medical care but also free medicines and major surgeries. 

In collaboration with Government Medical College Baramati, Sassoon Hospital has extended its services to Baramati by launching an Outpatient Department (OPD) every last Saturday of the month, under the guidance of Dr. Sanjiv Thakur, the Dean of B. J Government Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital.

The inaugural OPD in Baramati, attended by 8 patients, identified three cases requiring surgical intervention. These patients were subsequently operated on at Sassoon General Hospital, with all surgical procedures offered free of cost.

Among the success stories is a 63-year-old female patient from Baramati who initially sought help at the OPD complaining of breathlessness that had persisted for six months. Unable to walk more than a few meters without struggling for breath, the patient was eventually diagnosed with Morgagni Diaphragmatic Hernia at Sassoon Hospital.

Dr. Ameya Thakur, Assistant Professor at BJGMC & SGH, successfully performed the surgery after the patient passed the fitness test. Morgagni Diaphragmatic Hernia is a rare condition characterized by an opening under the lungs, allowing organs such as the stomach and liver to protrude, causing pressure on the lungs and resulting in breathlessness.

Post-surgery, the patient showed remarkable improvement, expressing gratitude for the renewed quality of life. 

The patient’s son praised Dr Ameya Thakur, highlighting the doctor’s counseling, assurance, and the successful surgery that transformed his mother’s health. The son shared, “Seeing her today walking, climbing stairs without any difficulties is really one of a kind for me. I thank Dr. Ameya Thakur for giving my mother a new and healthy life.”