Pune: Security Tightened at Sensitive Polling Stations in Maval Lok Sabha Constituency Ahead of Elections

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Maval, 4th April 2024: In the Maval Lok Sabha constituency, which boasts a significant voter base of 25,09,461 individuals distributed across 2,556 polling stations, special attention is being directed towards 14 sensitive polling stations. Predominantly, these sensitive stations are concentrated within the Pimpri Assembly area. Collaborative efforts between the police department and the election administration aim to ensure the smooth conduct of elections at these sensitive centres, with stringent measures in place to maintain security and integrity.

In the Panvel Assembly Constituency, out of 538 polling booths, 3 are flagged as sensitive. Conversely, both the Karjat and Uran constituencies, hosting 339 and 340 polling booths respectively, do not report any sensitive centres. Similarly, only 1 centre out of 390 in the Maval assembly constituency is identified as sensitive. However, the Chinchwad assembly constituency, with the highest count of 549 polling booths, has 4 sensitive centres. The Pimpri Assembly constituency comprises 400 voting centres, of which 6 have been identified as sensitive.

Sensitive polling stations are identified based on various criteria, including past incidents necessitating police intervention, instances of bogus voting, confrontations, or disparities in voting patterns within families. Measures mandated by the Election Commission are rigorously implemented at these sites, encompassing online surveillance via CCTV cameras, deployment of micro-inspectors, and additional police personnel to uphold the sanctity of the electoral process.

Assistant Returning Officer Vitthal Joshi underscores the commitment to ensuring transparency and security at sensitive polling stations, affirming the deployment of requisite resources and adherence to electoral norms mandated by the Election Commission.