Pune Sikh Sangat to Protest against movie Santa Banta

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Pune Sikhs are organising a strong protest on Sunday against Bollywood movie Santa Banta Pvt Ltd for portraying Sikh community in undignified manner.

The movie is making fun of the Sikhs. It seems that the movie makers have not read or known the history of Sikhs. Sikhs have always been known for giving lives for this country and saving humanity. In situations of crisis in this country like Uttarkhand floods, Mumbai rains, Chennai floods, Kashmir floods, Nepal earthquake, Sikhs have always been there in the forefront to serve this country. But Bollywood movies like Santa Banta Pvt Ltd are demeaning the dignity of Sikhs by showing them in low light as people with low IQ. Not just in this country but globally Sikhs follow a basic ideology of serving most commonly in the form of langar where people irrespective of their religion can come together at equal levels to have food, and Sikhs in this country are being treated like this.

Sikhs demand the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to immediately ban this movie and in future also such films which demean any community should be stopped by censor board from being released.