Pune Smart City Handed Over 80 Smart Bikes to Traffic Police, and Two Smart Fire Vans to the Fire Brigade Dept.

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17 Sep 2019, Pune: Eighty Smart Patrol Bikes were handed over to the Pune Police Department on Tuesday (September 3), and two Smart Fire Vans to the municipal Fire department on behalf of Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited. Both projects were inaugurated by Mayor Mrs. Mukta Shailesh Tilak. This is the first project in the country to provide smart Smart Bikes to the police on behalf of Smart City.

Pune Smart City CEO Dr. Rajendra Jagtap, Police Commissioner K. Venkatesam, Leader of House in PMC Srinath Bhimale, Shiv Sena Leader Prithviraj Sutar, Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police Pankaj Deshmukh, Chief of the Fire Department Ranpise and officials of various departments and dignitaries were present at this occasion.

Mayor Mrs. Tilak said, “Both the smart bikes and smart fire vans, which are being implemented by Pune Smart City for the safety of transport and citizens of Pune city are going to help in long run. The positive effects of these modern facilities will be seen soon and the people of Pune will benefit from them.”

Expressing gratitude to Pune Smart City for providing this latest facility to the police spontaneously, Police Commissioner K Venkatesan said, “The smart bikes will be a major contributor to the daily operation of the traffic police in the city. In similar way, keeping in mind the examples of developed countries. the unprecedented system of cop free junctions will be implemented in the city on the basis of sophisticated technology with the help of Pune smart city.”

Smart City CEO Dr. Rajendra Jagtap said, “These smart bikes have been specially developed in view of the needs of the traffic police in accordance with the Adaptive Traffic Management project. Pune is the first smart city to implement such a project in the country, and its contribution to the transport system and positive results will be realised soon. ”

With the advanced technology, these smart bikes will have a camera for live shooting of traffic violations, smart phones, GPS tracking system so traffic control room will get their ‘live’ information and location. Also, the bike is equipped with a public announcement system. Three jammers are provided with each bike for action against traffic violations. There is a removable dickey.

Fabrication and modification specifications 

  1. Public address system (PA) on Motorcycles that works when singular police officer driving the vehicle shall be able to communicate with public through the helmet. Helmet should be linked to the PAS. Following components should be included in the PA system;
    1. Speakers mounted on the motorcycle
    2. Helmet with inbuilt microphone linked to PA System
  2. Motorcycles should have Sirens 
  3. Flash lamps should be placed on the front in such manner that the vehicle can be identified as that of the Pune City Traffic Police 
  4. Camera to be placed in a manner that it shall record all traffic violations of any manner. Maximum memory for the camera
    1. Minimum- 8 MP image and 1080 P video resolution
    2. Viewing Angle – Wide Angle Lens 
    3. Memory –  64 GB or more(Memory card to be included)
    4. Waterproof and maximum stability
    5. Include the USB cable, charging adapter etc.
    6. Installation / mounting equipment to be included
    7. GPS Tracking enabled with integration capability with existing system and systems to be deployed in future (Wireless and VTS) for the purpose of vehicle tracking
    8. Provision for live-streaming to ‘mobile traffic command control centre’ and ‘traffic command control centre’ at DCP traffic office.
  5. 2 carriages on the bike for the placement of jacket, baton, e-challan machine, mobile pocket for wireless device, etc. 
  6. Provision for helmet holder.
  7. Arrangement for holding 3 jammers of 3kg each on the rear side of the vehicle

 Devices/ Goods to be provided

  1.  Retractable batons – 1 nos per motorcycle unit
  1. Vehicle Jammers – 3 nos per motorcycle unit
    1. Car wheel lock :- Y Shape
  • Arm Jaws: – Corrosion resistant Harder Steel of 2mm with PVC coated sleeves to protect the rim and lock from scratches
  • Tire size can be locked from 35mm to 270 mm
  • Lock System : – Internal reached lock system with theft proof computerized key
  • Smart elements such as RFID, QRcode scanning for smart payment and unlocking of the jammers could be added
  • Color: – White or reflective color and single master key for all jammers. 
  1. Smart Phones
    • Smartphones to be provided for the purpose of real-time communication device for voice and video data communication with the police command control centre. These smartphones shall be integrated with the various applications such as Vehicle tracking system (VTS), ATMS, etc. to be deployed.
    • Adapter, USB Cable provided
    • Mounting equipment: mounting / docking equipment to be provided for mounting on the two-wheelers 

The vehicles along with the modifications shall be registered with the RTO and shall include insurance of the vehicles.