Pune: Southern Army Launches Mega Yoga Program For 10000 Soldiers On Independence Day

Indian Army Yoga
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Pune, 15th August 2023: In continuation with the vision to enhance Holistic Wellness and Inner well-being of the troops of the Indian Army in Southern Command, a massive yoga wellness program has been launched by HQ Southern Command in collaboration with Isha Foundation for 10000 Serving Soldiers.

Southern Command has been adopting measures towards mitigating stress, marital discord and suicidal tendencies. To achieve this, ancient yogic techniques have borne good result and being applied across the spectrum of manpower.

Commencing on the 77th Independence day, the classes will be conducted free of cost by 70 highly trained Isha instructors who will travel to 21 Military Stations located in UP, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Over hundred batches will be conducted where each participant will spend more than 30 hrs spread over six days in learning the Yoga practices. The aim is to allow body, mind and energy to function at the highest level. The practice aims to develop mental clarity & focus, Strengthen constitution, boost vigour & vitality, restore hormonal balance, build physical strength and flexibility, instill calmness, relieve anxiety, stress, psychological tension and brings balance to thoughts, activities and emotions, thus creating peace & well-being within.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation, in a video message said, “As soldier you have enough for your physical fitness and wellbeing but to bring a different level of mental and energetic capability within you, yoga and the technologies for inner wellbeing can make a phenomenal difference. We’ve already taught this yogic process for thousands of soldiers and other forces and also we have trained over 300 trainers within the forces, and now we want to offer this to Southern Command, which is an important part”.

Reflecting on the power of yoga for inner wellbeing, Sadhguru added, “As you engage into this, you will see it will change the very chemistry of who you are. And you will understand mind is not a misery-making machine. It is a miracle. To transform the mind into a miraculous process, yoga will do wonders to you and the kind of work that you do, the level of stress that you are put into and above all at every moment you could be risking your life with families waiting for you. So this Yoga will make an immense difference both in term of how you perform and above all how you experience your life.

Lt Gen Ajai Kumar Singh, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, GOC-in-C, Southern Comd inaugurated the Ceremony and highlighted the importance of mental wellness in Indian Army and how yoga can be used to ameliorate mental health issues prevalent in the society in general and Indian Army in particulars. GOC-in-C spoke to the audience about the fire sheaths of existence as per the Panchkosha theory. The efforts of Isha Foundation towards joining the cause of mental wellness of Indian Army pers were noted with gratefulness. The Army Commander enumerated the programs which have been and are in the pipeline with Isha Foundation as the yoga partner to Southern Command.

The continuity in learning and practice of Holistic Wellness will be ensured further and to this end an intensive Train the Trainers residential program is also being conducted at ISHA Foundation at Coimbatore from 01 to 14 Sep 23, where instructors selected from units in Southern Comd will be trained as certified Trainers to conduct Yoga Programs in their unit for times to come.

The event will reiterate and highlight Southern Command’s iron willed resolve and indomitable commitment towards sustainable and continuous pursuit to battle stress, prevent suicides and bolster Holistic health and Wellness.

The program by Isha Foundation is offered in partnership with HDFC Bank which has come forward in enabling the well-being of the soldiers.