Pune: ST Corporation to Roll Out Additional Buses for Summer Rush Season

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Pune, 5th April 2024: As the summer season approaches, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (ST Corporation) is gearing up to accommodate the surge in travelers. From April 10th to June 15th, the ST administration has announced plans to introduce one thousand 88 additional buses, covering a distance of five lakh 67 thousand 524 kilometers daily.

With summer being a prime holiday season and numerous wedding ceremonies taking place, passenger traffic is expected to escalate, making ST a preferred mode of travel for both rural and urban areas. Recognizing this trend, the ST administration has taken proactive steps to enhance travel options for passengers.

During the rush season, ticket prices are adjusted accordingly. The Ratnagiri and Solapur divisions are set to operate the highest number of additional buses, totaling 86, while the Amravati division will have only one extra bus. Surprisingly, the Yavatmal Division will not be adding any additional buses. Moreover, 63 additional buses are slated to run from the Pune section alone.

To ensure a pleasant travel experience for passengers, the ST administration has issued specific instructions to various departments:

– Maintaining cleanliness of bus stands and surrounding areas.
– Ensuring buses are clean inside and out.
– Providing drinking water facilities at bus stands.
– Maintaining clean restroom facilities.
– Ensuring availability of electricity at bus stations, with fans in operation.

Abhijit Bhosle, Public Relations Officer of the State Transport Corporation in Mumbai, emphasized the corporation’s commitment to passenger comfort and convenience. “The summer vacation season of ST is commencing on April 10th. Additional buses have been arranged to facilitate passengers. Additionally, department heads have been directed to prioritize passenger facilities,” he stated.