Pune Startup Boostmychild Empowers Parents and Teachers with Innovative Child Development Tools

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Pune, 5th July 2024: Every child is a source of immense joy and pride for their parents, who naturally wish for their child to achieve great success. However, many parents struggle with time constraints that hinder their child’s development. Enter Boostmychild (BMC), an AI-driven technology platform designed to alleviate this concern by fostering the holistic development of young children, from birth to eight years old. Aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) and National Curriculum Framework (NCF) guidelines, BMC aims to support both teachers and parents in their efforts to nurture their children.

Boostmychild has received pre-seed funding of Rs 1 crore, an initiative led by Nitin Jawalkar, Chairman of the Vardhan Group, and Vipul Joshi, founder of Boostmychild. This information was shared during a recent press conference, where Amrita Joshi, Co-founder of Boostmychild, and Prof. Dr. Bhavana Ambudkar, a Design Thinking expert, were also present.

According to medical science, brain development begins on the 14th day after conception, when the child is an embryo in the mother’s womb. As the child grows, they develop unique skills, talents, and abilities. In early childhood, a child absorbs everything around them, with parental influence accounting for approximately 65% of their development and schools contributing about 35%. Therefore, from birth to eight years old, children require a balanced blend of guidance from both parents and educational institutions.

Incorporated in October 2021, Boostmychild Pvt. Ltd. is the culmination of four years of dedicated research and development. The team includes child psychologists, pediatricians, early childhood educators, and experts in artificial intelligence and software product development.

One of BMC’s key features is the School Assessment Module (SAM), which allows teachers to assess students’ holistic development using an intuitive interface on smartphones, tablets, or PCs. The Boostmychild mobile app enables parents to monitor their child’s 360-degree development across six categories and 21 areas. The app’s proprietary AI-driven recommendations engine provides customized activities, worksheets, and parenting guidelines tailored to each child’s developmental needs.

Boostmychild offers personalized learning experiences to meet the unique needs and interests of each child. It provides parents with comprehensive tools to support their child’s growth and equips teachers with resources for effective classroom management. The platform’s most distinctive feature is the parent-teacher collaboration, which helps teachers create digital portfolios and report cards for each student. Parents can communicate with teachers, discuss their child’s progress, and seek guidance, fostering a unified approach to the child’s development.

BMC encourages parents to actively engage in their child’s educational journey through a variety of fun and educational activities that promote cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. These activities create meaningful bonding experiences while reinforcing the skills and concepts taught in classrooms. The platform’s development tracking feature allows parents and teachers to monitor progress, and it offers expert-approved articles, tips, and advice on early childhood development.

The Boostmychild app is available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, and Assamese, with plans to add more regional languages. It covers 360-degree development with six categories and 21 areas conforming to NEP/NCF standards. The app helps teachers focus on personalized teaching, provides multidimensional reports for parent-teacher meetings, and significantly reduces teachers’ time. It also offers age-specific activities, toolkits, and child-specific parenting guidelines, integrating seamlessly with existing school apps.

Boostmychild is the brainchild of Vipul Joshi, a Pune native and a brilliant software engineer with a master’s degree from the US. The venture, funded by the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme (SISFS) in May 2023, has a team of around 20 extraordinary minds and is rapidly growing. The BMC app, which won the ECDF Award for ‘Innovation in Early Years Education,’ is available for free on Google Play Stores. More information can be found at www.boostmychild.com.