Pune: Sterling Generators Introduces Groundbreaking Retrofit Emission Control Device for a Sustainable Future

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Pune, 11th September 2023: Sterling Generators Private Limited (SGPL), a major contender in India’s generator industry and a subsidiary of the Sterling and Wilson Group, has introduced a state-of-the-art environmental solution known as the Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD). This innovative device, developed in partnership with Pi Green Innovations, harnesses filter-less technology and the principles of Electrostatic Precipitation, achieving an exceptional efficiency rate of over 70 percent in capturing Particulate Matter (PM) from engine exhaust emissions.

Sanjay Jadhav, CEO of Sterling Generators Private Limited, expressed his enthusiasm about the product launch, stating, “Our partnership with Pi Green Innovations for their RECD technology marks a significant milestone. This collaboration extends our product portfolio and empowers our customers with a highly efficient solution to enhance air quality and meet PM compliance standards set by pollution control boards.”

Furthermore, he reiterated Sterling Generators’ dedication to environmental sustainability, underscoring their belief in collective responsibility for environmental stewardship. Jadhav explained that their collaboration with Pi Green Innovations enables them to lead the way in developing cleaner and more efficient energy solutions. He emphasized that together, they are ready to revolutionize the industry’s strategy for addressing air pollution and establish novel benchmarks for eco-friendly energy solutions.

At the launch event, Irfan Pathan, Founder & CEO of Pi Green Innovations, conveyed his pride in the partnership with Sterling Generators. He emphasized, ‘This collaboration not only advances the DG retrofit (RECD) industry in India but also resonates with Pi Green’s vision of a Pollution-Free Tomorrow”

The RECD device can be effortlessly integrated after the DG exhaust (muffler/silencer) without requiring any modifications to the engine or DG set. What distinguishes this technology is its unique ability to convert separated particulate matter into a valuable raw material applicable in various industries, including paints, dyes, toners for laser printers and copiers, and vulcanization processes for rubber treatment.

This groundbreaking approach eliminates the necessity for disposal and reduces the risk of secondary contamination. Additionally, the product is engineered to endure all weather conditions, necessitates minimal maintenance, and showcases a straightforward, efficient, and robust design, ensuring consistent performance and an extended operational lifespan.

Sterling Generators and Pi Green Innovations are at the forefront of driving progress toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable future through their groundbreaking RECD technology. This innovation holds the promise of not only delivering cleaner air but also responsible and efficient waste management.