Pune: SuhanaSafar – A Journey of Peace, Tranquillity and Harmony

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Pune, 14th June 2024: Music has amazing power to heal the society. “SuhanaSafar” has been an innovative and impact-making ongoing Public Image Project of the Rotary Club of Pune Amanora for the last six years.

A few singer members of the club visit the needy communities of society to perform songs for people who are isolated from society for one or another reason like old age homes, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, etc. The project’s prime and only cause—”SuhanaSafar”—is to provide happiness and bring smiles to the faces of needy and deserving groups by singing songs of their liking.

During the year, the club reached at least 65 such opportunities, where they contributed with their musical skills. Music has amazing healing power and it gives happiness. As per Ajit Liliani, one of the key members of the SuhanaSafar team, they are in the business of spreading joy and the moments which create memories for the needy give them the utmost pleasure. SuhanaSafar has been moving very well and getting strong. SuhanaSafar team intends to add more sectors viz—patients of Mental Hospitals, Prisoners of Yerwada Central Jail, Firefighters, and lastly, transgender people to drive more transformational change in the society using music.

The Rotary Club of Pune Amanora has always pioneered innovative concepts that transform society. In addition to SuhanaSafar, the Club is driving a number of initiatives around poverty alleviation, women’s empowerment, quality education, solving water problems, better health and hygiene, and environmental initiatives and has been recognized at different levels.