Pune: Talegaon To Witness Its First Premium Plotted Development Project With 62 Fully Serviced NA Plots

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Pune, 30th March 2023: Naiknavare Developers, renowned for its well-thought-out community-centric residential and commercial projects in Pune, Mumbai, and Goa, today announced it has launched “Avasa”, its new business vertical of premium plotted development, and commenced its first-of-its-kind e-commerce platform designed exclusively for plotting, https://plots.naiknavare.com/.

The first project under this new dedicated vertical “Avasa Meadows” will be located near the Vadgaon Maval area of Talegaon, which is conveniently connected to the Mumbai-Pune highway and boasts a good railway connectivity as well. “Avasa Meadows” solely comprises of fully serviced luxurious N.A plots and offers 62 plots in total, each of the sizes of 1848 sq. ft to 2846 sq. ft, starting at Rs. 60 lakhs plus taxes.

The revolutionary e-commerce platform, exclusively for selling plots offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the property buying process, from lead capture to booking followed by online registration. This is a pioneering initiative in the real estate industry that will enable buyers to easily search for properties, view virtual tours, and schedule in-person visits, all from the comfort of their own homes, thereby digitising the whole process of purchasing and registering the plots. The clarion call for digitisation by the government in all spheres of public life, only warrants such customer convenience initiatives in a generally less technology centric sector.

Naiknavare has introduced a new business division named “Avasa” which is exclusively focused on developing and selling luxury plots located 20-25km away from the city. This sub brand is similar to their existing sub-brand for commercial projects, “Business Square”.

Commenting on the new business vertical and the sale prospects of structured plots, Anand Naiknavare, Head of Business Processes, Naiknavare Developers, said, “The opportunity to live individually and independently, yet get the advantages of living in a gated community are attracting people to purchase plots. The stage of urbanization, stability in development control regulations, and increased demand for larger spaces and earthy lifestyles triggered by COVID-19 are all contributing to faster uptake in plotting sales. Apart from the intrinsic stability of land value, the increased FSI makes purchasing and self-developing a plot attractive and commercially adding far more value for the end user. The price-to-area ratios are far better. This encouraged us to launch Avasa and enter the structured plots business. Also, we are happy to say that our commitment is to hand over 1 million sq. ft. of plots in the upcoming financial year under this mandate.”

Anand further added, “The e-commerce platform will enable buyers book online conveniently thereby taking the whole customer buying experience to a new level. The transaction process is simpler, faster, easier and completely transparent. Plots provide much better privacy and spacious areas for designing homes to suit the needs of the users than built-up homes do. Avasa Meadows offers flexibility while constructing homes and the plotting system offers more freedom and privacy to homebuyers to customise. Moreover, when reputed developers offer structured N.A plots, there’s reliability as well as legal and environmental compliances. We are redefining the idea of freedom through projects like AvasaMeadows as they are built on these pillars while providing space, privacy, personalization, a gated community, and value which will allow buyers to unlock the potential value of land.”

Avasa Meadows project is a sanctuary of green and blissful living, marked by Naiknavare Developers’ commitment towards their philosophy, ‘to redefine the idea of freedom’. The design at Avasa incorporates a range of relaxed settings for mingling and socializing with the five key built in values and there’s personalization,

Sited close to major landmarks and facilities, this project comes as the developer’s response to the increasing demand among property buyers and investors to stay close to nature and immerse themselves into low rise single dwelling lifestyles. Developed and designed to cater to a variety of home buyers and investors, this project has emerged as a great investment for NRIs, given that the land appreciation has seen 3x growth over the last 5 years.

As Talegaon is one of the fastest-growing hubs and attracts a lot of attention owing to its strategic location amidst Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik, numerous other builders and businesses have flocked to this town. The fact that Talegaon is close to the Mumbai-Pune highway, and 45 minutes away from Pune and two hours away from Mumbai makes it a potential up-and-coming financial hub.

Other than “Avasa Meadows,” Naiknavare Developers is also bracing up to launch two other plotted development projects in Talegaon (one of the fastest growing hubs).