Pune: Tata BlueScope Steel Launches ShelterChamps Loyalty Program to Empower Fabricators

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Pune, 9th May 2024: Tata BlueScope Steel, an equal joint venture between Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel and a leading manufacturer of coated steel, has launched ShelterChamps, a loyalty program tailored for fabricators. This initiative not only underscores Tata BlueScope Steel’s commitment to its fabricators but also highlights their indispensable role as pillars of the construction industry.

Recognising their pivotal role, ShelterChamps is designed to empower fabricators, offering a comprehensive suite of benefits aimed at enhancing their skills, financial security, and professional growth. Safety first is a priority for the Company and therefore the loyalty program includes medical insurance for fabricators and their spouses, as well as accidental insurance for fabricators and their workers. Additionally, they supply essential tools and safety gear to safeguard worker well-being.

CR Kulkarni, Vice President – Marketing and Strategic Sourcing, Tata BlueScope Steel, said, “Fabricators are the true artisans, turning mere materials into works of art. Their role goes beyond sales; it’s about ensuring proper implementation and safety standards. With ShelterChamps, we are not only expressing gratitude to our fabricators but also investing in their future. With this program, we are confident in achieving our ambitious goals for the next decade.”

At the heart of ShelterChamps is a commitment to upskilling fabricators and providing them with the necessary resources to thrive in a competitive market environment.By offering top-tier training sessions and certifications, Tata BlueScope Steel helps fabricators with the expertise and credibility needed to excel in their craft, given the type of tough working and climatic situations the fabricators face. This also enhances the overall quality of construction projects, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. As part of the program, TBSPL also recognises and rewards top-performing fabricators for their exceptional performance.

“Our groundbreaking fabricator program emphasizes customer satisfaction and industry development. With over 400-500 programs in 17 years, we’re fostering fabricator adaptation to new technology. Including contractors, interior designers, and carpenters, our comprehensive training module ensures quality service. Upholding our ethos, we prioritize societal impact, safety, and craftsmanship,” said Vikas Pundir, Vice President – Sales.

In addition to skill enhancement, ShelterChamps addresses the financial needs of fabricators through scholarship programs for their children. Tata BlueScope Steel empowers fabricators to expand their operations, invest in cutting-edge technologies, and take on larger projects. This not only benefits fabricators but also fuels the growth of the construction industry, creating a ripple effect of prosperity across the ecosystem.