Pune: Technical Glitch Hinders Online Property Registrations in Maharashtra State for Over a Week

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Pune, 26th January 2024: In a setback to online leave and license registrations, citizens in the state have been grappling with a week-long disruption, preventing them from registering their documents due to the non-linking of Aadhaar data with the UIDAI server.


Even those attempting to e-register property documents from developers’ offices are encountering similar challenges. Authorized service providers are witnessing a surge in requests, with at least five documents daily, but have been advising customers to await resolution of the technical issue since last Saturday.


The crux of the problem lies in the authentication of biometrics during the e-registration process. An authorized service provider highlighted that despite entering details on the e-registration website, an error arises during the verification of biometric authentication. Consequently, both lessors and lessees are unable to proceed with the registration process.


Deputy Inspector General of Registration and Stamps (IT) Abhishek Deshmukh clarified that the registration department bears no responsibility for the technical snag. Deshmukh stated, “We have been in continuous communication with the state IT department to resolve the issue, as it is hampering the e-registration process. It is causing inconvenience to citizens and also affecting the revenue collection of the department.”


Some senior registration officials estimate the potential loss to the state exchequer at around Rs 8-10 crore due to the system being down for over a week, leading to a halt in leave and license registrations. On average, the state witnesses 3,000 to 5,000 e-registrations daily.


In the absence of e-registration, citizens are compelled to resort to property registration at sub-registrar’s offices. A senior IGR official noted, “The system has been facing an issue for a little more than a week. It has not been resolved yet, leading to an increased footfall at all our offices.”


This technical glitch is not unprecedented; last year, technical issues in the state property registration web portal caused distress among citizens, prompting many to visit sub-registrar offices to track the status of their documents.