Pune: Thorat Garden Monorail Stirs BJP Debate: MP Medha Kulkarni Opposes, Murlidhar Mohol Supports

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Kothrud, 6th March 2024: The proposed monorail project at Thorat Garden in Kothrud has become a point of contention within the city’s BJP, with conflicting opinions among party members. MP Medha Kulkarni has sided with the citizens in opposition to the project, while former mayor and BJP state general secretary Muralidhar Mohol is advocating for its implementation.

Thorat Garden in Kothrud, known for its amenities such as an open gymnasium, yoga centre, resting area, walking track, and dinosaur park, is now facing the prospect of massive pillars being erected for the proposed monorail project. The construction of the park for this project has triggered resistance from park enthusiasts.

The monorail project envisions a 72-volt DC battery-operated monorail with two coaches, requiring the construction of 410 RMT tracks, safety railings, and platforms for ticket rooms. The project has been assigned to the Brathwaite Company of Kolkata, and its commencement is anticipated in the coming month. However, the installation of around seventy pillars, rising to a height of ten feet, within the park for the monorail has raised concerns about the impact on park usability. The community, particularly garden lovers, has united against the project, forming an action committee to voice their opposition.

In response to the discontent, citizens have invited people’s representatives and political party representatives to discuss the project. MP Medha Kulkarni attended the meeting and expressed her support for the citizens’ struggle against the monorail project. The controversy surrounding the Thorat Garden monorail project highlights the varying perspectives within the BJP regarding its implementation.

Former mayor and BJP state general secretary Muralidhar Mohol is actively advocating for the monorail project, having previously supported it during his tenure as a corporator. However, the action committee formed to oppose the project has firmly asserted their stance against its implementation.

The committee argues that imposing a project without genuine demand from citizens is unjust, and MP Medha Kulkarni has echoed this sentiment by expressing her support for the committee’s concerns. Kulkarni, known for her previous opposition to the proposed Balbharti Paud Road through Vetal Hill, has consistently emphasized her stand against projects that could potentially harm the environment. Now, she stands in solidarity with the citizens opposing the monorail project in Kothrud.

During a meeting with the action committee, Kulkarni emphasized the importance of considering citizens’ opinions and acknowledged that it is not right to enforce a project in the absence of genuine demand. She underscored the significant role citizens play in such matters, reinforcing the need for a thoughtful and community-oriented approach to development projects.