Pune to Host Minority Youth Parliament Program on February 10

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Pune, 20th January 2024: The preliminary meeting for the upcoming Minority Youth Parliament program, scheduled for February 10, concluded today in Pune. The event, spearheaded by Zubair Memon, Khisal Jafri, and Mujjammil Sheikh, aims to be the largest Minority Youth Parliament program in the country.

Attended by over 65 dignitaries from the state actively involved in exceptional work within minority communities, the preliminary meeting focused on outlining the program’s objectives, scope, and action plan.

The primary goal of the program is to offer a platform for youth from minority communities to discuss and address their concerns, providing guidance for their future endeavors. Participants from all minority communities across the country are expected to engage in meaningful discussions during the event.

Key topics slated for discussion include problems faced by youth in minority communities and potential solutions, guidelines for youth leadership development within these communities, and the resources required for fostering youth development.

Scheduled to take place at the Ganesh Kala Krida Kendra in Pune, interested youth are encouraged to register promptly to secure their participation in this groundbreaking initiative.

The program marks a crucial step toward addressing the challenges faced by minority youth and fostering their leadership development. Conveners such as Jamir Kagdi, Sameer Sheikh, Ilyaz Sheikh, Shahabuddin Sheikh, Arsalan Sharif, Abu Sufian Qureshi, Nikhil Bhingardive, Faheem Syed, Advocate Atiya Memon, Advocate Seemin Sheikh, Fayyaz Khan, Mateen Mujawar, Akbar Memon, Maulana Shah Rukh Khan, Satywan Gaikwad, Riaz Mulla, Shiban Faiz, Farhan Sheikh, Umar Momin, Dr. Arbaz Momin, Rupesh Gaikwad, Shahbaz Sheikh, Ayan Syed Basit Patel, Bilal Patel, Azhar Baig, Abid Sheikh, Amin Sheikh, Aslam Qureshi, Khaja Kawalgi, Dilawar Sheikh, Shahid Sheikh, Advocate Trishala Gaikwad, and other dignitaries were present during the meeting.

Contact Organizer for Registration:

Zubair Memon 9850008278

Khisal Jafri 9890999955

Mujjammil Shaikh 7887776668