Pune: Tourist Influx Causes Congestion in Lonavala During Long Weekend

Bhusi Dam lonavala

Lonawala Bhusi dam

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Lonavala, 15th June 2024: The scenic hill station of Lonavala witnessed a significant influx of tourists over the long weekend, leading to congestion in key areas such as Lonavala, Khandala, and Pavananagar. The rush began on Saturday morning, as tourists from Mumbai and Thane flocked to the popular destination, taking advantage of the Bakri Eid holiday coinciding with the weekend.

Despite the rain having recently ceased, Lonavala has been experiencing a pleasant drizzle in the evenings, which has added to the area’s charm and attracted more visitors. Heavy rainfall was reported in the city two days ago, but it has since cleared, leaving the weather cool and inviting.

Tourist numbers surged particularly on Saturday afternoon, with a notable crowd gathering around the Pavana Dam area. Hotel operators reported full bookings for hotels, farmhouses, and bungalows in the city, with reservations extending until Monday.

To manage the increased traffic and ensure the safety of both residents and visitors, additional security measures have been implemented. Police personnel have been deployed in Lonavala’s rural and city areas, including hotspots such as Pavananagar, Karla Phata, Malavali, and Bhaje Leni.

Local authorities and hotel operators have been working together to manage the influx and maintain order, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all tourists during this busy period.