Pune: Tourists Crowd Bhushi Dam And Other Places In Lonavala

Bhushi Dam Lonavala
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Lonavala, 10th July 2021: The arrival of a large number of tourists on Friday and Saturday increased the headaches of the Pune rural police.

On Friday, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar had appealed to people to avoid crowding and instructed police to put strict vigil at tourist places.

However, tourists were seen crowding the Bhushi dam. So, despite the Lonavala city police forbidding tourists to come there, a large number of tourists are coming from Pune and Mumbai.

Tourists are flocking to the Lonavla area. As Saturday and Sunday are holidays, a large number of tourists are flocking to Lonavala’s Bhushi Dam, Lions Point, Tiger Point and other tourist destinations.

Currently, citizens are barred from visiting the tourist spot on the backdrop of Coronavirus disease (COVID19). However, the Lonavala police’s headache has increased due to the influx of tourists. Police have been blockading since this morning. However, it was observed that the tourists are going to Bhushi Dam by lying to the police.

Seeing the crowd, Lonavla police chased away the tourists from Bhushi dam.

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police (Lonavala division) Navneet Kanwat, today action was taken on 263 persons and a fine of Rs 1.23 lakh was collected from them.