Pune: Traffic Changes in Swargate Area on Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe’s Birth Anniversary On August 1

Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe
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Pune, 30th July 2023: On August 1, in commemoration of the birth anniversary of Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe, the Swargate area will witness traffic diversions. As people gather to pay their respects to the statue of Annabhau Sathe at Sarasbagh, certain traffic changes have been implemented between Jedhe Chowk and Sarasbagh at Swargate.


During this period, motorists are not allowed to proceed to Sarasbagh from Jedhe Chowk. Instead, they are directed to take an alternate route. From Jedhe Chowk, motorists must continue straight to Satara Road through Lakshminarayan Chowk, Mitramandal Chowk, and then proceed to Sinhagad Road via Savarkar Chowk.


The road leading from Jedhe Chowk flyover to Sarasbagh will be closed to traffic. To access Sarasbagh, motorists must take a left turn from Lakshminarayan Chowk. Similarly, the subway is closed for vehicles from Vega center at Swargate to Sarasbagh. Motorists are advised to reach their destination via Ghorpade Peth Udyan, Rashtrabhushan Chowk, and Hirabagh Chowk.


Additionally, the traffic branch has informed that vehicles will be granted double entry as required in the one-way road from Puram Chowk to Jedhe Chowk on Tilak Road.


These temporary traffic changes aim to facilitate the smooth movement of people during the birth anniversary celebration of Annabhau Sathe and ensure a safe and orderly traffic flow in the Swargate area.


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