Pune Traffic Police False Fine Issued to Out-of-Town Individual

Pune Traffic Police False Fine Issued to Out-of-Town Individual
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Pune, 5th July 2023: In a recent development, the Pune Traffic Police have come under scrutiny for allegedly issuing a fine to an individual who has been residing outside the city since 2018. Suyash Bhamawat, the recipient of the challan, has brought attention to this issue and requested a thorough reexamination of the case, suggesting a possible error in the vehicle’s registration number.


According to Bhamawat, he was surprised to receive an e-challan from the Maharashtra Traffic Police, citing a violation for not wearing a helmet while riding with a co-passenger. The fine amount was stated to be ₹1000. However, Bhamawat firmly asserted that he has been away from Pune since 2018 and has not returned to the city since then.


Bringing the matter to the authorities’ attention, Bhamawat promptly contacted the traffic police, urging them to reconsider and investigate the situation further. He pointed out that there may have been a mistake in recording the vehicle’s registration number, highlighting his unique registration number as PNRCM23006909589.



The traffic police department, armed with CCTV footage, has intensified its efforts to monitor traffic violations in Pune. The Pune Traffic Police are expected to review the evidence, cross-check the registration numbers, and verify Bhamawat’s claims of not being present in the city at the time of the reported violation.