Pune Traffic Police Suspend 698 Licenses For Violations, Fines Total Crores

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Pune, 7th September 2023: While talking on a mobile phone while driving, disregarding traffic signals, driving under the influence of alcohol, or speeding, the potential for accidents looms large. However, now, not only do you risk an accident, but your driving license may also be suspended. In cooperation with the Regional Transport Department (RTO), the traffic police have suspended the licenses of 698 drivers for a period of three months.

The fines imposed on motorists who violate traffic regulations in the city have reached several crores. From January to August of this year, the traffic police have levied fines totaling approximately 44 crores on 699,879 motorists. While this figure is lower than the previous year, these statistics highlight that many drivers continue to flout the rules. 

Accidents frequently occur due to drivers diverting their attention by talking on mobile phones, disregarding traffic signals, speeding, and driving in the wrong direction. The traffic branch recommends the suspension of licenses for such unruly drivers to the RTO department, which subsequently took this action.

DCP (Traffic) Vijayakumar Magar said, “Most accidents occur as a result of traffic rule violations. Drivers who put their own lives and the lives of other innocent citizens at risk will have their licenses suspended for three months. Moreover, strict legal action will be taken against these drivers if they repeat the violation after the suspension period.”

Traffic rule violations and drivers with revoked licenses (January 1 to September 8, 2023) are as follows:

  • Triple Seat: 34 cases
  • Talking on a mobile phone while driving: 224 cases
  • Violation of traffic signals: 205 cases
  • Speeding: 67 cases
  • Drunk driving: 64 cases
  • Dangerous driving: 100 cases
  • Illegal passenger transport: 4 cases