Pune: Traffic Police Taking Action Against Vehicles Without Side Mirrors

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Pune, January 17, 2021: There is a large number of two-wheelers in Pune city and the number of traffic violations is equally high. Police collect crores of rupees from drivers who break the rules. The issue of helmet compulsion was raised in Pune and now if the vehicles are found without a side mirror, the driver will be penalised by the traffic police.

Over the years, the traffic police have collected crores of rupees in fines from Pune residents for not wearing helmets. Due to Covid-19 wearing face masks is mandatory. As a result, crores of rupees were once again recovered from the citizens. And if your bike does not have mirrors on both sides, you will be charged a fine of Rs 200.

Pune police started this operation from the beginning of the new year. At the chowks of the city, traffic police are seen blocking two-wheelers and taking action against vehicles without mirrors. Many two-wheeler owners have no idea that the lack of mirrors violates traffic rules. Therefore, there is an argument between the traffic police and the driver while taking such action.

Pune Traffic Police had collected a fine of Rs 109 crore from people in the year 2019. Last year, the traffic police also recovered Rs 81 crore. In the first 13 days of this year, the traffic police have collected a penalty of Rs 1 crore from Pune residents.