Pune Traffic Policemen Nab Notorious ATM Thieves In Dramatic Capture

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Pune, 7th November 2023: In a swift and dramatic turn of events, Pune Traffic policemen apprehended two notorious ATM thieves operating within the Vishrambaugh police station limits.

The culprits, hailing from Uttar Pradesh, had been executing a string of ATM thefts across various parts of the city in recent days. Their modus operandi involved placing plastic strips on ATM machines, enabling them to pilfer cash undetected.

Despite their illicit activities being flagged for days, the duo continued their spree, successfully stealing from ATMs at two locations today.
However, their luck ran out when Pune Traffic Police, intercepted the criminals in the midst of their escape near Appa Balwant Chowk.

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Both accused individuals were caught by the vigilant traffic policemen Kantilal Bansode, Balmurlikrishna Chauhan, Suhas Suryavanshi, Deepak Sonawane and Assistant Police Inspector Kalyani Padole. Additionally, a sum of Rs 9,500, believed to be proceeds from their illicit activities, was seized during the arrest.

Further details are awaited.