Pune: Two Women From Uzbekistan And Rajasthani Actress Caught In International Prostitution Racket Busted In Viman Nagar

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Viman Nagar, 17th January 2024: In a crackdown on an online prostitution operation, the Social Security Cell of the Pune Police’s Crime Branch took swift action against a hotel in the Viman Nagar area, leading to the rescue of a Rajasthani actress and two young women from Uzbekistan. The operation revealed that the illicit business was orchestrated by foreign brokers.

The operation unfolded on Tuesday night when the Social Security Cell received information about an online prostitution business being conducted in a hotel in Viman Nagar. Acting promptly, the police team sent a decoy customer to gather evidence. Subsequently, a raid was conducted at a hotel on Neco Garden Society road.

During the raid, three young women from Uzbekistan and Rajasthan were detained from two rooms in the hotel. Notably, one of the apprehended individuals is identified as a Rajasthani actress. The investigation indicates that the foreign brokers booked rooms in a Koregaon Park hotel to facilitate illicit activities involving young women.

An FIR has been registered at the Vimantal police station under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act. The accused individuals named in the case are agent Irfan alias Rahul Madan alias Madan Sanyasi and Rohit (full name and address not available). Both Irfan and Rohit are reported to be foreign nationals.

The case highlights the international dimension of illegal activities, as foreign based agents were reportedly running the online prostitution business. The involvement of a Rajasthani actress adds a layer of complexity to the investigation, underscoring the need for thorough scrutiny.

The successful operation was conducted by a dedicated team from the Crime Branch, led by Deputy Commissioner of Police Amol Zende, and included Senior Police Inspector Bharat Jadhav, Assistant Inspector Aniket Pote, Rajesh Malegave, Sub-Inspector Ashwini Bhosle, and Sagar Kekan, Manisha Pukale, and Ajay Rane.