Pune: Undri Residents Protest Disturbing Noises From Nighttime Construction

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Undri, 10th November 2023: Disturbed residents of Undri are raising their voices against the nocturnal disruptions caused by construction activities at multiple building sites. The unsettling situation, characterized by loud noises and the continuous movement of heavy construction vehicles, is reportedly affecting the quality of sleep, causing discomfort, and raising concerns about potential health hazards.

As per reports, residents indicate that 2 to 3 construction sites in the area are currently engaged in nighttime construction work, with loud noises emanating from activities such as drilling, cutting, borewell operations, and the late-night transportation of construction materials. The disturbances are not limited to individual households, as nearby societies are also experiencing the adverse effects of the ongoing nighttime construction.

Expressing the collective concern of the affected residents, Rohan Survase Patil, state general secretary of Youth Congress, has reached out to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Commissioner, urging immediate action against those responsible for the disruptive nighttime construction.

Patil highlighted the detrimental impact on citizens’ health, emphasizing the urgent need to halt the ongoing nighttime construction activities.
Concerns about nighttime construction extend beyond mere disturbance, as the risk of accidents resulting in loss of life has been cited.

Earlier, PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar had issued a warning, stating that fines would be imposed on builders found conducting construction work during nighttime hours in Pune and its surrounding areas. Kumar emphasized that construction activity under such circumstances is strictly prohibited, and violators, including builders and other individuals, will face penalties.