Pune: Unidentified Woman Jumps into Katraj Lake, Body Recovered by Fire Brigade

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Katraj, 18th March 2024: A young woman reportedly took her own life by jumping into Katraj Lake. A search operation was promptly launched by the fire brigade, leading to the recovery of the woman’s body. However, her identity remains unknown at present.

According to Bharti Vidyapeeth Police, the girl is believed to be around 23 years old, and her demise appears to be a case of sudden death. The incident was reported when the fire brigade received information about a young woman jumping into Shrimant Nanasaheb Peshwa Lake in Katraj late on Saturday night. Responding swiftly, fire brigade personnel and Bharti University Police reached the scene. Despite efforts, the search operation had to be temporarily halted due to the darkness of the night. Search efforts resumed on Sunday, with fire brigade personnel conducting a thorough inspection from a boat, ultimately discovering the woman’s body floating on the water’s surface.

Once retrieved, the body was taken into police custody and transferred to Sassoon Hospital for further examination through autopsy. However, the identity of the deceased woman remains unidentified, and investigations by the police are ongoing to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the incident.