Pune: Unplanned Tree Removal Sparks Traffic Chaos on BMCC Road

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Deccan, 4th January 2024: Chaos ensued during peak travel hours today as the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) undertook the removal of hazardous branches from a large tree near the Agharkar Research Institute on BMCC Road between 10:30 am and 12 pm. Despite the critical nature of the operation, citizens were left uninformed, leading to unexpected traffic jams in the area.

Sumita Kale, a member of the Vetal Tekdi Bachao Samiti, expressed dissatisfaction, stating, “The PMC failed to display any notice regarding the operation, resulting in a significant traffic jam. People were navigating BMCC Road, only to turn around due to the unexpected situation. Work of this nature should ideally be scheduled during non-peak hours, or if necessary during busy times, proper signage and barricades should be deployed. Unfortunately, none of these precautions were taken.”

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Ravindra Kamble, the Horticulture Mistry at PMC, clarified, “The removal of a dried-up, large lemon tree was deemed necessary due to its precarious position and dried-up condition, posing a potential risk of accidents. BMCC Road witnesses continuous movement of people and houses several shops and establishments. To ensure public safety, the tree removal was carried out by the PMC this morning.”

This incident highlights the need for better coordination and communication between civic authorities and citizens to avoid disruptions and inconveniences during essential operations.