Pune: Varandha Ghat Closed for Travel Until 31st August 2024

Pune: Warandha Ghat Road Closed For Heavy Traffic During Monsoon
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Pune, 26th June 2024: Varandha Ghat is closed from today until 31st August 2024. All traffic on the Varandha Ghat route to Mahad (Raigad) via Bhor has been halted to prevent possible incidents during the monsoon and to implement necessary safety measures.

This closure comes as the India Meteorological Department (IMD) issues red and orange alerts. Heavy rainfall in the ghats often leads to landslides, fallen trees, road collapses, and mudslides. A recent incident near the Waghjai Mata Mandir in Varandha Ghat caused a protective wall and the road to collapse, prompting the administration to act to prevent further risks.

Pune District Collector Dr Suhas Diwase has issued the closure orders. The winding roads in Varandha Ghat are particularly vulnerable to sudden falls, tree collapses, erosion, and mudslides during the rainy season, posing significant risks to life and property.

Travellers bound for Mahad and Konkan are advised to explore alternative routes such as Tamhini Ghat and Ambenali Ghat during this period.

वरंधा घाट रस्ता पावसाळा कालावधीत अवजड वाहतुकीकरीता पूर्णपणे बंद

All over Maharashtra, including in Pune, precautions are being taken to prevent rain-related disasters, such as landslides, which often result in loss of life. Efforts are made annually to ensure the safety and convenience of citizens during the monsoon. Along with Varandha Ghat, decisions will be made to close other hazardous tourist spots near Pune.