Pune: Voter Awareness Initiatives Ramp Up in Tribal-Dominated Areas Near Manchar

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Manchar, 27th March 2024: In a bid to bolster voter participation, a series of voter awareness initiatives were orchestrated under the sweep program in the tribal-dominated area in the vicinity of Annasaheb Awate College in the Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency. Citizens were fervently encouraged to exercise their voting rights during these events.

The administration, in collaboration with various segments of society, is spearheading numerous public awareness campaigns to galvanize citizen engagement in the electoral process. A concerted effort has been directed towards amplifying voter awareness under the sweep program, particularly targeting rural areas to bolster voter turnout. Notably, mass awareness endeavours have been prioritized within the Shirur Constituency.

Participants disseminated crucial information regarding the voting process and election procedures to tribal communities through informative bulletin boards, exemplified by messages such as ‘Voting of youth – contribution to nation building’ and ‘Let’s be conscious citizens – Vote with pride’. New voters, youth, and senior citizens were briefed on voting dates, polling station logistics, and available facilities. Officers and staff from the Ambegaon Tehsil Office actively participated in these endeavours.

Meanwhile, in Ambegaon, voters were encouraged to submit resolutions about voting and were guided on accessing information regarding their respective polling stations. Additionally, Vidya Vikas Mandir Vidyalaya in Rajuri, Junnar taluka, conducted voter awareness rounds and lectures, further reinforcing the significance of active civic participation amongst residents.