Pune: Wagholi Resident Falls Prey To Money Laundering Scam, Loses Rs 29.49 Lakhs

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Wagholi, 15th May 2024: A Man fell victim to a scam where fraudsters, claiming he was under a money laundering investigation, defrauded him of Rs 29.49 lakhs. They coerced him to report to the police station for questioning during a mobile call.

A complaint has been lodged at the Lonikand Police Station, Pune city police, by a 33-year-old resident of Wagholi.

According to police, cybercriminals contacted the complainant on his mobile phone. They falsely claimed his involvement in money laundering, alleging that a parcel containing drugs, linked to his name, was detained by customs. The criminals sent a link, asserting that his Aadhaar card and bank account were being misused for money laundering. They threatened arrest and instructed him to appear at the crime branch office.

The complainant was coerced into transferring Rs 29.49 lakhs to the fraudster’s account, under the pretext of verifying his bank account and transferring funds from a private bank to a government one. Realizing the deception, the victim reported the incident to the police.

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The Lonikand Police are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the matter.