Pune: Want To Give Away Good Quality Used Items But Do Not Know How? V Collect On Wheels Is Here 

used items waste collection in Pune
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Pune, October 31, 2020: Diwali is the season for giving and receiving, and also the season for cleaning and decluttering. When we clean-up we often discard things that we have no use for at the time. But these items sometimes have years of use left in them. And what better way to extract the maximum out of anything than to give a pre-loved item to someone who can use it some more? Each time you extend the use of an item of clothing by just 9 months, for instance, you reduce the carbon footprint of that by 30%.  

But how do you connect the giver to the new user? Enter V collect by SWaCH. A programme that has kept tonnes of material out of landfills and made quality material accessible to those who cannot afford to buy or those who prefer to use pre-loved items, V collect has been part of the Pune landscape for some time now.

This year, however, has been fraught with challenges and to tackle the issue of limited travel, social distancing and safety, V collect is also starting a new Avatar – V Collect on wheels. Between the 9th and 13th of November, V collect teams will criss-cross the city with brief stopovers that will enable citizens to give away all their unwanted material. This is an express service in addition to the V Collect drives happening regularly from the 1st of November. To know about the dates and collection centres/routes, watch the video below.

SWaCH has been authorized by the PMC and the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board to collect E-waste. It has also been collecting clothes and other discarded items for several years and recycling it all. However, collection centres are not always easily accessible to everyone. Hence the V collect on wheels was devised as a Diwali service for the citizen’s convenience. The initiative is supported by locally elected councillors and the PMC. 

Corporator Madhuri Sahasrabudhe is a strong supporter of SWaCH since its inception. Now as the Chairperson, Women and Child Welfare Committee of PMC she welcomed the initiative of V-Collect – Collection On Wheels.

“It is wonderful to see such initiatives that help our city and our planet. That the proceeds from this go towards the education of waste pickers’ children is highly commendable”, Sahasrabudhe said.

“Everything is well organized at the centre and so easy to pick and choose from. It is a huge resource for women who are looking to make life more comfortable for their families at the least cost. These are tough times and a little saving goes a long way. It just demonstrates what can be achieved with a little positive attitude and hard work” she said appreciating all the products the system makes available to the reuse market.

Smita Rajabali, who heads the vertical at SWaCH, adds “There was an urgent call from citizens to make it more easily accessible to the far-flung areas of the city. This would extend our reach to more citizens who can drop their stuff at any one of the points close to them, as well as make it convenient for the waste pickers and urban poor to access the materials for reuse especially with Diwali round the corner”.

A resident of Hadapsar is happy about the drop off facility close by. “In these times, there are many of us who cannot commute long distances for fear of infections to the seniors at home. The schedule is available to all and so we can pick as per our convenience. This is a great Diwali declutter effort.”

For more details, Call SWaCH helpline 9765999500.