Pune: Warje Doctor Falls Prey to Investment Fraud, Loses Rs 36 Lakh in Stock Market Scam

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Warje, 13th May 2024: A 46-year-old doctor from the Warje area was deceived of Rs 36,59,000, prompting him to file a complaint at the Warje Malwadi police station, Pune city police.

According to the police, the doctor, who runs a clinic in Warje, received a call from an unknown number on his mobile phone. The caller enticed him with promises of high returns through online stock market investments. The doctor was added to a social media group by the fraudsters, who continued to coax him into making transactions.

Over time, a total of Rs 36,59,000 was transferred from the doctor’s, as well as his brother’s and friend’s accounts, to the accounts of the perpetrators. When the doctor sought refunds, he received evasive responses. Realizing he had been swindled, he reported the incident to the police.

Further investigations are being carried out by Crime Branch Police Inspector Nilkant Jagtap.