Pune: Water Woes Persist in Viman Nagar Despite PMC’s Reassurances

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Viman Nagar, 4th February 2024: Residents of Viman Nagar find themselves grappling with persistent water supply issues, casting doubt on Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) assertion that the problem stems from a temporary leakage in a tank and has been resolved. The affected residents argue that this is an ongoing concern that has plagued them for months and even years.


Despite PMC’s assurance of a quick resolution to the leakage issue, Viman Nagar residents remain unconvinced. They express their anxieties about the current low-pressure water supply and the escalating dependence on water tankers for their daily needs. The looming summer months are a cause for additional concern among the residents.


A resident voiced her frustration, stating, “Our society has relied on private water tankers for years, and the need for tankers surges in the summer. Currently, we require a minimum of two tankers every day due to low pressure in our supply lines. We have evidence to support this claim.”


The chairman of a housing society shed light on the financial strain caused by the water supply issues, stating, “Over the last three months, we have been procuring an average of seven water tankers daily, incurring a monthly expenditure of Rs 1.8 lakh for utility water supply. There were instances where the monthly cost soared to Rs 2.2 lakh. The water supply has dwindled in recent weeks.”


Another resident shared the escalating financial burden, stating, “In the last few weeks, our society has been spending nearly Rs 4,000 a day on tankers for both drinking and utility purposes, compared to Rs 1,500 per day in the same period last year. The water pressure has consistently decreased, and the expenses on buying water are mounting.”


Seeking clarity, residents reached out to Ramesh Waghmare, the executive engineer of PMC’s water supply department, questioning why Viman Nagar is frequently affected by restricted water supply. Waghmare explained, “There was a leakage issue in one of the tanks for the last two weeks, leading to water being supplied from a single tank. However, repairs have been undertaken, and the issue is now resolved.”


He added, “Water gushing through pipes at varying pressures can cause cracks or bursts, and this issue isn’t isolated to Vimannagar. Similar repair works occur in other areas of the city. Supplies from Bhama Askhed dam remain stable without any reduction.”


Despite these assurances, Viman Nagar residents remain skeptical, emphasizing the need for a sustainable and permanent solution to their prolonged water supply challenges.