Pune: Wet’nJoy Christmas Carnival at India’s Largest Amusement Park in Lonavala

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Lonavala, 01 December 2023: As the festive season approaches, Wet’nJoy Lonavala is what you cannot miss to have an extraordinary Christmas and New Year celebration. Amidst the breathtaking hills of Takve in Lonavala, this amusement park and waterpark stand as a definition of adventure and joy, turning moments into memories for visitors of all ages.

Let’s Imagine Your Day Out!

Imagine a grand arch gate welcoming the magical world of Wet’nJoy Lonavala, India’s largest amusement park and waterpark. Christmas lighting all around you, mountain breeze blessing you. Then you find yourself walking in the pathway filled with the stars, you just cannot resist clicking a perfect picture.

Wet’nJoy Lonavala ensures that your experience begins with a visual feast. The pathway leading into the park is illuminated with fairy lights, creating a magical aura that sets the tone for an unforgettable day. As you enter, you’ll find yourself immersed in the festive spirit, surrounded by the warmth of the season.

Special Attractions for the Festive Season

As the year comes to a close, Wet’nJoy Lonavala is gearing up for a spectacular New Year celebration. Visitors can look forward to a mesmerizing acrobatic show that will leave them in awe. Followed by a magical magic show, where illusions and wonder will captivate audiences of all ages. For those seeking an extra dose of fun, various entertaining games are scattered throughout the park, ensuring laughter and excitement for everyone.

  1. Acrobatic: Witness breathtaking performances by skilled acrobats, defying gravity and creating a visual spectacle that adds a touch of magic to your visit.
  2. Magic Show Marvel: Be transported into a world of wonder with an enchanting magic show that will leave you questioning reality.
  3. Fun Games Galore: Engage in a variety of fun games placed across the park, offering a delightful break between rides and shows.
  4. Camping: Wet’nJoy gives you the opportunity to camp in the hills of Takve this new year. Camp under the beautiful clear night sky of Lonavala. Count stars after a day-filled adventure and fun. Visit their website to book your start gazing adventure.
  5. Christmas décor: Santa Claus has made it clear the best Christmas celebration is at Wet’nJoy Lonavala. At Wet’nJoy the celebrations are no ordinary celebrations.

Thrills and Chills Await: The International Rides & Slides

At the heart of Wet’nJoy Lonavala lies its most captivating feature—the extensive array of international rides and slides. The park prides itself on offering a world-class amusement experience, with each ride carefully curated to deliver an adrenaline rush like no other.

A Glimpse into the Thrilling Rides & Slides:

  1. Z-Force: Gravity will try to pull you down but Z-Force ensures to get you up in the sky to give you a breath taking view filled with joy.
  2. Sky Screamer: Swinging in the sky with a 360 view of the beautiful hills of Takve. Sounds adventure to us!
  3. Delta Hoppla: Rotating cabin that just takes you upside down to pump your adrenaline to the limits.
  4. Super Splash: A perfect ride with your family for a splash of joy.
  5. Giant Frisbee: The enormous Frisbee ride provides a stunning 180-degree pendulum swing as well as a 360-degree ride experience due to its incredible size and force.
  6. Flipping Arm Action: Offering a fun-filled swirling experience that will make your head spin round and round.
  7. Rush Hour: Let’s see who has the best driving skills off the road in the zone
  8. Mega Jump Star: Get ready to be tossed up and down

Capturing Moments: Say Cheese!

In the age of social media, Wet’nJoy Lonavala understands the love of creating picture-perfect moments. The park’s enchanting selfie points, placed throughout the premises, offer guests to capture the magic of the moment against the backdrop of the park’s vibrant atmosphere. The entire pathway is adorned with fairy lights, creating a whimsical ambience that enhances the beauty of every selfie. Caution you will be forced to post every picture on your stories as you wont be able to resist the urge to tell everyone you are at Wet’nJoy Lonavala

Does your Birthday fall in Christmas?

If Yes, a cherry on the cake they have a special Birthday offer for you. Guests visiting the park on their birthday or within 5 days before or after it can enjoy FREE entry. You can bring up to 4 friends along, and they will each enjoy a fantastic 20% OFF on their tickets. It’s a party, after all. So now you know what’s the destination of your birthday party. A party for the books is waiting for your affirmation. Visit their website to avail this exciting offer.

Exclusive Offers

Wet’nJoy Lonavala believes in making the festivities accessible to all. As a special gift, children enjoy free entry to the park, creating a family-friendly environment for everyone to revel in. Additionally, for groups looking to celebrate together, Wet’nJoy Lonavala offers an exclusive 25% group discount and various enticing offers to add an extra layer of excitement.

Alluring Offers-Lonavala.wetnjoy.in/amusement-park/offers/

Now stop thinking about your Christmas plans, you have the best plan ready before you! Visit Wet’nJoy Lonavala this Christmas to celebrate a Christmas filled with wonders of joy and waves of adventure to thrill your senses and offer you a perfect getaway this Christmas.

Wet’nJoy Lonavala is a family-friendly destination that offers you a wide range of activities to have a day filled with adventure and joy. Over 50+ International rides and slides with the maximum thrill and fun await your presence to try them out. A day full of memories is what Wet’nJoy offers to the guests. Once you visit Wet’nJoy it becomes hard to leave it behind, they curate such a beautiful experience for you.

Give yourself the break you deserve with the spice of adventure in your life. Let’s touch Masti Ki Nayi Heights Together.

Wet’nJoy Lonavala

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