Pune: Woman Cheated of Over Rs 10 Lakhs Through Online Tasks Job Offer

Cyber Fraud
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Nigdi, 26th December 2023: A distressing incident of online fraud unfolded as a young woman in Nigdi fell victim to a fraudulent scheme, losing a significant amount between 27th November and 4th December 2023. The incident came to light when the victim, whose identity is being protected, lodged a complaint at the Nigdi police station, Pimpri Chinchwad Police.

The complainant shared that the ordeal began with a contact from a woman named Divya Singh, who reached out from the mobile number 8807167571. Offering the young woman an opportunity to earn money online through prepaid tasks, the perpetrators enticed her with the prospect of earning by providing online ratings. However, the catch was that, since the work was prepaid, an initial amount had to be paid by the complainant.

Initially, the complainant received some amounts, but as the process unfolded, she found herself repeatedly coerced into paying more money to claim her earnings. In total, a staggering sum of Rs 10,58,801 was fraudulently extracted from the victim. When attempts were made to contact the perpetrators, all communication channels were abruptly blocked.

Taking swift action, the Nigdi police have registered a case against three mobile number holders and five to six individuals with accounts in various banks, based on the complaint. The police are pursuing the investigation to apprehend the culprits.