Pune: Woman Swindled of Over Rs 3.69 Lakh by Impersonating Army Officer in Flat Rental Scam

vishrantwadi police station
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Pune, 8th October 2023: In a distressing incident, a woman fell victim to a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by an imposter who posed as an army officer interested in renting her flat. The scam unfolded between May 14 and 16, leaving the victim, Neha Ankush Maske, duped of a substantial sum.


According to the police, Neha had advertised her flat for rent in Ankuja Residency, located in the Vishrantwadi area. It was during this time that the accused initiated contact with her via WhatsApp, assuming the persona of an army officer recently posted to Pune.


Initially, the imposter had expressed an interest in renting a bungalow, but when Neha informed him that only the flat was available, he proceeded to request photographs of the property. Neha, in good faith, obliged with the request.


Subsequently, the impersonator conveyed his desire to rent the flat promptly and assured Neha that the requisite rental amount would be transferred soon. To facilitate this transaction, he asked Neha for her bank account details. Placing trust in the individual posing as an army officer, Neha shared her bank information.


However, the situation took a deceptive turn when the accused instructed Neha to initiate a test transfer of Rs 1 to his account, citing a purported technical issue with the money transfer. As part of his scheme to gain her trust, he initiated a series of small transactions to Neha’s bank account through Google Pay. Gradually, the imposter concocted various reasons to request additional funds, and trusting him, Neha transferred the requested sums. In the end, she transferred a staggering total of Rs 3,69,527 to the impersonator.


Shockingly, the imposter never actually took possession of the flat, raising suspicions in Neha’s mind. Upon realizing the extent of the deception, Neha promptly reported the matter to the police. API Dhavale of Vishrantwadi police station confirmed that a case had been registered, and an investigation was underway to locate and apprehend the perpetrator.


API Dhavale expressed the police’s commitment to taking the matter seriously and ensuring that justice is served to the victim. He stated, “We are dedicated to tracing the accused and ensuring that the victim receives the justice she deserves.”