Pune: Woman with Seven Daughters Accused of Plotting Husband’s Murder for Alleged Harassment Over Son

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Nigdi, 12th December 2023: A woman with seven daughters stands accused of orchestrating a plot to eliminate her husband, purportedly due to his incessant harassment regarding the absence of a male child and his desire to marry another woman. The 35-year-old resident of Akurdi was apprehended on Sunday, along with two hired assailants.

Sub-inspector Natha Kekane from the Nigdi police detailed the woman’s history of attempting harm to her husband, a professional scrap dealer. Earlier, she had unsuccessfully tried to poison him, leading to a more sinister plan to hire individuals for the task.

The 40-year-old husband sustained severe injuries to his head, hands, and back during the assault by the hired men. Currently unconscious, he has been admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital.

The police have taken the woman, identified as the mastermind, and the hired men, Aman Pujari and Shivam Dubey, into custody. Both Pujari and Dubey have a criminal record, as confirmed by Kekane. A local court has remanded the trio to police custody until December 13.

The investigation unfolded when one of the victim’s daughters lodged a complaint with the police. According to her account, on the night of December 7, her father was asleep, while her mother and a sister were out for a walk. Intriguingly, Pujari and Dubey arrived at their residence inquiring about the father’s whereabouts but left upon learning he was asleep.

Around half an hour later, the daughter heard her father’s distressing screams. Rushing to the scene, she witnessed the assailants attacking him with sharp-edged weapons. Her attempt to apprehend one of them resulted in a physical altercation, forcing the duo to flee.


Providing crucial details in her complaint, the daughter identified the criminals as Pujari and Dubey, both with a history of criminal activity. The police promptly traced and arrested them on charges of attempted murder.

During interrogation, the hired men disclosed the woman’s involvement in the sinister plot. Upon further questioning, she admitted to the crime, revealing her previous attempt to poison her husband as a response to his alleged harassment.

The trio faces legal proceedings as the police continue their investigation into this shocking incident.