Pune: YouCAN Environment Fest Organised To Draw Attention To Climate Change

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Pune, 10th February 2023: Global Warming-induced Climate Change is the most imminent existential threat to all humanity, especially the youth. Therefore, youth all around the world are calling for action on this issue. The Indian youth is particularly more vulnerable due to the visible signs of Climate change in the form of untimely rainfall, frequent floods, extreme heatwaves, increasing cyclones and the melting of Himalayan glaciers. The crisis is only going to get worse.

The youth is inheriting an unlivable planet. For young people, climate change is bigger than elections or politics. It is life or death. Political inaction on climate is baffling, despite having more than enough scientific evidence of this global phenomenon. It is, therefore, not surprising that the youth of the nation is annoyed and anxious and is demanding climate action now! If politicians remain inactive in India, the youth must urgently prioritize Climate action!

To express the demands of the youth and make Climate action an election agenda, the EECC (Energy, Environment and Climate Change) team of Pune International Centre (PIC) has created ‘India’s Youth Manifesto for a Climate-Secure Future.’ The EECC vertical under PIC gives policy advisory to the government on sustainable climate-oriented social and economic actions. It works under the leadership of Prof. Amitav Mallik.

The primary purpose of creating the Youth Manifesto is to present the youth’s demands and anxieties to the policymakers, including local political and government leadership, and increase citizens’ awareness and sensitivity towards climate change and critical environmental issues.

The YouCAN Environment Fest will be held on 11th February 2023, from 10 am to 8 pm, at Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Sanskritik Bhavan, Ghole Road. Guests like Dr Ajit Ranade, Mr Rohit Pawar, Mr Siddharth Shirole, Mr Kunal Khemnar, Ms Poonam Mehta, and RJ Sangram will be present at the event.

The Fest is an exciting opportunity for students, businesses, researchers, or anyone who wishes to gain deeper insights into climate change to connect, discuss, deliberate, and exchange ideas and possible solutions to overcome this grave challenge. For college students who are about to kick-start their careers, this Fest would serve as a grand platform to acquaint themselves with the multiple green opportunities that lie before them once they exit college. For green businesses, the event will serve as a unique networking opportunity and dispel any myths surrounding green jobs and entrepreneurship avenues. They intend to achieve this through their novel concept of ‘Paryavaran Peth’, which they are also looking to hold regularly.

While the mini-events will form the core of the Fest, the ultimate objective of this event is to motivate citizens to demand climate action from their political representatives and government officials. They are seeking to build a wide network of students, professors, and academicians interested in or already working in the climate domain, enabling them to expand their outreach efforts significantly.

The Fest will consist of various events, including:

Paryavaran Peth: 40+ Green businesses of Pune set up an exhibition

Career katta: Environment experts guide youth to find green career opportunities

Climate Action Roundtable: An in-depth discussion with politicians on the need for climate action

Climate Dilemma: An inter-college debate competition

Talk by an Eco-Entrepreneur

Musical and cultural performances

With this, they want youth to be a part of the movement and contribute by engaging their social sphere, students, employees, and peers. Also, spread the urgency of climate action as a responsible citizen and join ‘YouCAN’ (Youth Climate Action Nexus) for demanding climate action from our leaders and government.

Date and Time: 11th February 2023, Saturday, 10 AM to 8 PM IST

Venue: Pt Jawaharlal Nehru Sanskritik Bhavan, Ghole Rd, Pune