Pune: Young Man Commits Suicide After Falling Victim to Sextortion Scam in Pimpri Chinchwad

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Reported By Varad Bhatkhande

Dighi, 3rd June 2024: In a tragic turn of events, a young man from the Dighi area took his own life after becoming ensnared in a sextortion scheme, fearing public disgrace. The incident sheds light on the alarming consequences of cybercrime, particularly in cases of extortion using compromising material.

The deceased’s brother filed a complaint with the Dighi Police Station on 21st May, naming Suraj Kumar and six others whose full identities remain unknown. Allegedly, the accused orchestrated a video call during which they manipulated the victim’s image in a lewd manner and threatened to circulate it unless a sum of Rs 51 lakh was paid.

Despite transferring an initial payment of ten thousand rupees online to mitigate the threat, the accused persisted in their demands, causing significant psychological distress to the victim. Overwhelmed by the incessant harassment and the looming threat of public humiliation, the victim succumbed to his fears and ended his life by hanging himself at his residence.

The Dighi police have initiated an investigation into the matter to apprehend the perpetrators and prevent further occurrences of such heinous crimes.

Protect Yourself From Sextortion Threats
Sextortion, a reprehensible crime leveraging explicit images or videos to extort money from victims, has proliferated with the widespread adoption of smartphones and video communication platforms. Perpetrators capitalize on the fear of public exposure, targeting individuals from all walks of life.

Prevention Tips:
– Refrain from sharing high-resolution media on social platforms.
– Exercise caution with personal information on dating apps.
– Be wary of unsolicited video calls from unknown numbers.
– Take precautions to prevent unauthorized capture of personal media.
– If answering unknown video calls, cover the camera until the caller’s identity is verified.

If You’re a Victim:
– Avoid engaging with the perpetrator.
– Utilize social media features to report and block suspicious accounts.
– Alert your social circle about the cybercrime to prevent further victimization.
– Gather and preserve evidence, including communication and payment records.
– Report the incident to the cyber police or local authorities promptly.
– Seek assistance from helplines or online platforms dedicated to cybercrime prevention.