Pune Zomato Drivers To Get Electric Vehicles On Lease

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Sharveya Parasnis

Pune, 23rd December 2022: Zomato delivery drivers in Pune will soon receive a fleet of brand-new electric scooters. This is part of an initiative by Zero Emission Mobility Platform (ZeMP), which offers solutions for the easy adoption of electric vehicles. Partnering with BGauss Electric Scooters and Zomato, ZeMP will provide BGauss EVs to Zomato drivers on a lease-to-own contract.


At a press conference at the BGauss showroom on Tilak Road, Pune, ZeMP executives explained that the initiative was supposed to encourage the use of eco-friendly vehicles. ZeMP has already undertaken such initiatives in other Indian cities and is now planning to do the same in Pune.


These drivers will be able to lease these bikes for a monthly EMI of Rs 6,000 and take ownership of the vehicles in two years.


Manish Garg, Business Head at ZeMP, said, “The drivers will end up saving a great deal of money by not paying for fuel. Instead, they can use that money to pay the EMI and own their own vehicle in two years.”


BGauss also has plans to ensure driver compliance with local traffic laws. According to Sharad Pandhari, an executive at BGauss, the company can remotely monitor the speed, temperature and location of the vehicles through over twenty sensors and can remotely control or even immobilize the vehicle if drivers are found to be breaking the law.


Today, 20 Zomato drivers who had signed up for the program were handed the keys to their vehicles. “We have plans to lease out 50 more vehicles in the next ten days, with no upper limit,” said Garg.