Puneri Paltan and their journey in the Pro Kabaddi League

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With the upcoming season of Pro Kabaddi League 2022, it is the best time to revisit and know everything about Pune’s hearty team Puneri Paltan.

Puneri Paltan has been kind of an underperformer during the yester years of the PKL but you never know when the team rises and shines. As they say and popularise their logo stands for “Khel Badlega”

With the 9th season of the league starting somewhere around the end of this year we think it is the right time to show support to our very indigenous team the Puneri Paltan.

Facts you should know about the Puneri Paltan

The Pune based franchise Puneri Paltan is owned by Insurekot Sports, a Mumbai firm with varied interests in sports.

Anup Kumar coaches the team Puneri Paltan. Anup has been awarded the Arjuna award for his achievements in the sport. He is an Indian former professional Kabaddi player. He has won the gold in Asian Games gold medals in the year 2010 and 2014 and also the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup.

The Puneri Paltans made their debut with Pro Kabaddi League season 5 in 2017. Puneri Paltan played under the leadership of  Surjeet Singh as captain and the team comprised Nitin Tomar, Girish Ernak, Pawan Kumar and Darshan Kadian in the previous seasons.

Puneri Paltan is a strong team with both experienced and young players. Several high-profile players that can turn the table anytime. The team showed a good performance during the playoffs and made its way to PKL season eight. They ended up at the sixth place on the leaderboard. In total they won 12, and lost 9 matches.

Anup Kumar´s strategies have played in favour for the Puneri Paltans. He supports young talent and does not shy away from resting out the senior players. He is famous with the title of Captain Cool and never gets aggressive and always guides the team calmly even during moments of struggle.

His player rotation startegy and making changes during the game based on performance and situation makes it hard for the opposition to generate a strategy.

This has brought the team really shine during the PKL season 8 and we hope that the team performs even better during the coming matches.

Support the Puneri Paltan in Pro Kabaddi League 2022

Soon it will be time to sit back and watch all the matches of Pro Kabaddi league. It is exciting to sometimes watch and support something more than cricket. Also Kabaddi has been in our roots since long and hence the game deserves some popularity.

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For this season we wish them all the best and once as we do it in our way “जा आणि चांगले करा !”