Pune’s Jasmine Jadhav crowned ‘Mrs Queen of the World International 2018’ at Myanmar

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Pune’s very own Mrs Jasmine Jadhav created history by winning the title of ‘Mrs Queen of the World International 2018’ at a pageant held in Myanmar, on June 29th, making India proud on a global platform. She won the crown in the Standard category (women between the ages of 23-35).

A former runner-up at the Mrs Maharashtra pageant held in Pune in October 2017, 31 year old Jasmine’s journey to this crown literally happened overnight. A call from her mentor, Anjana Mascarenhas, barely two weeks before the pageant was to be held, inspired her to take the big leap. “I didn’t even have a passport. On 19th I went to the passport office, got it in 2 days, applied for my visa, and on 23rd I left for Myanmar”, beams Jasmine. “I didn’t think of winning or losing. I just decided that I would give it my 100%, and come back richer with experience. With that confidence and a positive outlook, I ventured into the pageant”.

Amongst the various rounds that she had to score in, she recalls the closed door interview with 7 judges throwing a barrage of questions to her, which she felt was the toughest, where the response was not just to test her intelligence but also her presence of mind, and her strength not to unbuckle under pressure. And that’s where her win began.

At the finale, she was asked what she would do if her children go into depression. Her calm and positive response that as a parent she would support them completely in their down-phase and maintain a positive demeanour to help them fight their battles, won the hearts of the judges, and she won the coveted crown.

An interior designer by profession, she is a partner at Vivid Interiors. Jasmine stresses that if you are determined to achieve something, then nothing can stop you. After the birth of her twin daughters, Nishka and Niraja, Jasmine gained so much weight that she decided she had to get herself fit and into shape. “From weighing almost 100kgs, I got myself down to 53kgs. I also groomed myself at Diva Pageant Studio. That’s when I got inspired to participate in the Mrs Maharashtra pageant”, she explains. Today she is also the Face of Abs Gym.

About the international achievement she attributes her success to the unstinting support of her husband, Bhupendra Jadhav, a 3D Visualiser, besides her 6 year old twins, her close-knit inlaws and Anjana Mascarenhas, without whom the journey would not have been possible. “I am also grateful to our National Directors of the pageant, Amar Shamu Sonawane and Jeet Das, who were also instrumental in winning the bid to host the next edition of Mrs Queen of the World pageant in our very own city, Pune”, she says.

Jasmine now becomes the brand ambassador for Mrs Queen of the World, travelling around different nations, spreading the powerful message of empowering mothers and women alike.