Pune’s Kondhwa Police Station Solves Theft Puzzle With Unique Investigative Approach

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Kondhwa, 28th November 2023: In a recent breakthrough, the Kondhwa Police Station in Pune successfully cracked a theft case through an innovative and strategic approach.

The incident occurred between August 25, 2023, and November 6, 2023, when an unknown individual entered a residence through an open door and stole gold jewellery weighing approximately 8 tolas from a wooden cupboard in the first-floor bedroom, despite the house owner being present.

Upon registering a case under section 380 (criminal offence of theft) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Kondhwa Police Station initiated an investigation. Led by Senior Police Inspector Santosh Sonawane, the Kondhwa Detection Branch, including Assistant Police Inspector Dinesh Kumar Patil and other police officers, adopted a unique psychological method to apprehend the suspect.

During the investigation, API Patil suspected that one of the housemates might be involved in the crime. Since the suspect was a family member and a law student (studying for LLB), a conventional confrontation using pressure was deemed inappropriate. API Patil proposed an alternative approach.

The police station concurrently investigated the suspect in connection with another crime. The suspect was strategically exposed to the police at one point, inducing anxiety and prompting him to confess to the theft. In fear of potential legal consequences, the suspect revealed details of the crime and led the police to the recovery of the stolen gold jewellery, valued at ₹4,00,000.

The investigation team included Police Inspector (Crime) Sandeep Bhosale, Sanjay Mogale, PSI Lekhaji Shinde and police personnel Satish Chavan, Vishal Memane, Lavesh Shinde, Nilesh Desai, Laxman Holkar, Santosh Bansude, Dnyaneshwar Bhosale, and Sujit Madan.