Pune’s leading physiotherapist organized a camp for differently abled children

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Dr.Crissy Almeida, Physiotherapist operating from Golden Care Clinic, kalyaninagar, Pune has organized a camp for the differently abled children on the 7th and 8th of May, 2016. Around 40 children will be evaluated and proper guidance will be given to the parents on the management of the child. Dr. Atul Bhaskar, Pediatric orthopedic surgeon, cerebral palsy and botox specialist from Mumbai remained  present.

Dr. Crissy Almeida is aiming at having a multidisciplinary centre for these children and to promote the same, this camp has been organized. She has had six successful camps in the past three years to promote integrated approach towards the management of these children. She has tried to make it convenient for the child as well as the parents by conducting this camp at different centers across Pune.

Cerebral palsy is a disorder of the immature brain which afflicts scores of children in the developing world. Unlike other organs like the heart, liver and kidney that are fully formed at the time of birth, the brain although complete, lacks the formal neural connections. The majority of cases of cerebral palsy in the developing world occur due to lack of perinatal care, post birth infections, malnutrition and head injuries. In India, despite great wealth and manpower, maternal and infant mortality remains one of the highest in the world. With 1 out of every 10 child succumbing due to lack of proper birth facilities,the statistics for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy is harrowing.

Children with Cerebral Palsy have multiple issues: muscle tightness, deformities of limb and spine ,  speech  disorders,  epilepsy , poor cognition, visual disturbances and other systemic problems.

The aim of this camp is to provide assessment for these children in a single center with orthotic care, speech evaluation, occupational therapy and planning for spasticity reduction modalities with botulinum toxin (botox) or surgery after being evaluated by the orthopedic surgeon and the physiotherapist.

A multidisciplinary clinic which has various specialities under one roof will serve the children well so that the treatment plan for each child can be individualized. Before any procedure (surgery or botox) the child is seen by a physiotherapist.  A systematic assessment is carried out prior to surgery to identify the goals of SEMLS or PERCS for that particular child and to determine the what is called the “Surgical Dose” required to achieve optimum results.

Many of these children will need splints and orthotics which help to prevent muscle disuse due to plaster immobilization,  to prevent deformities and to preserve the correction and hence the orthotist is also present during the evaluation.