Pune’s Lemon Market Plummets as Farmers Flood Market with Increased Arrivals

Lemons Being Sold For Rs 175 To 230 Per Kg In Pune Wholesale Market
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Pune, 15th May 2024: Lemon prices, which typically surge during summer, have plummeted due to increased arrivals. Fearful of damage from unseasonal rains, farmers from Solapur and Ahmednagar districts have flooded the market with large quantities of lemons, causing a drop in prices by Rs 400 to 500 per bag.

Unpredictable rains persist across various parts of the state, leading to damage to lemon crops and prompting farmers to harvest on a large scale. This, coupled with climate change, has dampened the demand for lemons, reversing the price hike witnessed just a week ago. Lemon trader Rohan Jadhav reports wholesale prices ranging from Rs 300 to 1300 per sack.

Currently, the wholesale market receives one and a half to two thousand sacks of lemons daily. A week ago, lemons were selling for five to ten rupees each in retail markets. However, the surge in arrivals has driven down prices both at wholesale and retail levels. The lemons available now are small and green, reflecting poor quality and consequently lower prices. Sour lemons typically command higher rates in summer.

Jadhav notes a decrease of Rs 400 to Rs 500 per bag in lemon prices at the Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard. The increased arrivals are attributed to farmers in Solapur and Ahmednagar districts, concerned about potential damage from unseasonal rains. Additionally, climate change has contributed to reduced demand. The lemons now in the market are raw and green, facing diminished demand. Prices for a 15 kg bag range from Rs 300 to 1300 based on quality.

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Imported Lemons from Hyderabad and Chennai:
Farmers from Solapur and Ahmednagar, along with those from Hyderabad and Chennai, are flooding Maharashtra markets with lemons. Sensing profitable summer prices, farmers from other states have also sent their lemon produce for sale.