Pune’s Liquor Crackdown: State Excise Seizes Rs 1 Crore Worth in New Year Drive

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 29th December 2023: The State Excise Department in Pune has launched a significant crackdown, seizing liquor worth over Rs one crore in the month of December alone. With the festive season of New Year and Christmas underway, the department has intensified its efforts, resulting in 233 cases being registered in the district and the seizure of 35 vehicles.

In a recent operation conducted in Bibwewadi, Pune, a shipment of goods from Goa was intercepted. The vigilant State Excise Department apprehended three individuals involved in the smuggling attempt. The seizure included 1250 bottles with an estimated value of 5 lakhs. Two additional suspects, currently on the run, are under investigation.



In anticipation of New Year’s celebrations, a specialized squad comprising 17 officers and 50 squad members, supported by 150 employees, is actively operating in the district. Their primary focus is on monitoring suspicious vehicles and ensuring the safety of citizens, informed Charan Singh Rajput, Superintendent, State Excise Department, Pune.

As part of the regulatory measures, more than 50 one-day permits have been issued, allowing hotels in Pune district to extend their operating hours until 5 am. These proactive efforts by the State Excise Department aim to maintain law and order during the festive season, curbing illegal activities and ensuring the safety of the public.