Pune’s Zendewale Designs Tukaram Pagdi For PM Modi

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Manswi Panchbhai

Pune, 10th June 2022: Pune’s renowned Pagdi(turban) and Pheta(Maharashtrian Turban) maker Murudkar Zendewale and Phetewale have yet again designed something for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, well this time a Tukaram Pagdi to felicitate him on his visit to Dehu.

PM Modi is scheduled to visit Dehu on June 14 for the inauguration of the Sant Tukaram Maharaj idol and Shila Mandir. To welcome him, an order of two Tukaram Pagdis and two shawls was given to Murudkar Zendewala by Jagatguru Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj Sanstha.


This is the second time Murudkar has designed something for PM Modi. Back in March, they had made a “Shahi Pheta” for his Pune visit.


This time the Tukaram Pagdi was made by the owner of Murudkar Zendewale, Girish Murudkar in 8-10 days. Made up of 8-10 meters of pure silk and Lord Vithobha’s image at the centre, the turban was designed with a minimalistic approach symbolising Tukaram’s way of living. The focal point of the turban is the Tukaram’s abhang (devotional poetry) written below Lord Vithobha’s image, “Bhale tari deu kasechi langoti, nathadache mathi hanu kathi.” A Tilak of Bukka and Chandan(sandalwood) is placed below the abhanga that would come directly at the forehead of PM Modi once he wears it. To represent the Warkari community, basil beads have been used to decorate the turban, instead of costly materials like gold or silver.


Even the stand has been decorated with Chiplyas and Taals, the two most significant instruments of the Warkari community.


Talking about the shawl, Girish told PunekarNews.in, “The Hindi abhangs of Sant Tukaram Maharaj have been written on the shawl which is still in the making. We have used basil beads to decorate it. Through this, we want to spread Tukaram’s views and ideas to the world.”


Murudkar Zendewale since 1943

Murudkar Zendewale, a small zenda (flag) and Pheta making shop tucked in the bustling market of Budhwar Peth since 1943, has been the pioneer of turban making in not just Maharashtra but abroad. The Murudkar Phetas have travelled to the UK, US and Australia and have successfully kept the legacy of turbans alive for generations. There are turbans of all kinds here, from safa, Pheta, Puneri pagdi, Peshwai pagdi to jiretop, you will find everything here.


Taking Pagdi to the Big screen

Having made Pagdi for ‘Bajirao Mastani’ in the film Padmavat, Girish Mrudkar has taken the magic of Murudkar Phetas to the big screen. Being the third generation of his family in this business, he takes pride in making turbans and believes that today’s generation takes pride in wearing them.


“I am very confident that today’s generation is more aware of the traditions than others. They don’t just use mobiles and the internet but they also love to adorn the traditional attire. They try to strike a balance between modern lifestyle and traditional culture”, added Girish.


Latest trends in the business

Talking about the latest trends in the business, he said,”Most orders come for weddings and felicitations, others for dramas and festivals. The Mahatma Phule Pagdi and the Tukaram Pagdi are the most famous right now. Safas and Phetas are the popular choices for weddings. And the demands have increased post corona.”