Purnia Entrepreneurs Gain Global Acclaim with Makhana Startup ‘Farm to Factory’

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Purnia, March 27, 2024 – Two friends from Purnia, Manish, and Sumit, have garnered international recognition for their startup, ‘Farm to Factory,’ focusing on the production and export of makhana. Leaving their jobs at an American company, they ventured into makhana production in 2017. Their efforts have not only elevated the demand for makhana products within India but have also attracted interest from countries like America, Canada, Singapore, and UAE, marking makhana as Bihar’s “white gold.”

Beginning their journey in Rahua village of Harda, Manish and Sumit established a comprehensive supply chain from farm to production, packaging, and distribution. Their initiative has empowered over 30 local farmers, cultivating makhana across 50 acres, and employed more than 20 laborers at the grassroots level.

The duo’s decision to transition from corporate careers to grassroots entrepreneurship stemmed from a desire to address the challenges faced by local makhana farmers, including limited market access and exploitation by middlemen. Witnessing the potential of makhana cultivation in their hometown, they initiated discussions with farmers in Rahua village, kickstarting production and scaling operations rapidly.

Their dedication and diligence have not only transformed the local makhana industry but have also positioned their startup as a significant player in the global market. With flavored makhana products gaining popularity overseas, Manish and Sumit aim to expand their reach to additional countries.

The success of ‘Farm to Factory’ is evident in its annual revenue, reaching an impressive Rs 35 to 40 lakhs. Moreover, the venture has brought economic opportunities to rural areas, enabling local laborers to find employment closer to home. Workers at the factory express gratitude for the employment opportunities created within their community.

The entrepreneurs have also streamlined their export process, opting for direct shipments through postal services, which has resulted in cost savings of up to 30 percent. The establishment of a Postal Export Center at the Purnia Post Office has further facilitated seamless international trade, ensuring a hassle-free experience for exporters and customers alike.